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“We are part of the Quilter Financial Planning Network, a network of more than 3000 financial advisers throughout the UK.”

Coach House Wealth Solutions was founded in 2003, and has grown over this time with our head office based in Cheltenham, we are ideally positioned to service our clients around the UK. We are part of the Quilter Financial Planning Network, a network of more than 3000 financial advisers throughout the UK. This connection gives us access to a broader range of products, which provides you with more choices financially and the confidence that we are compliant with current regulations.

Chris Durkan Cert PFS has been in the industry since 1996 and is at the helm of our business. He is committed to the sound financial advice we provide, and that is why we follow a four-step process to understand your needs, plan, implement and review progress of any recommendations made.

Your financial adviser is experienced, qualified and dedicated. Your financial freedom is at the centre of our business model, so we will instil trust by listening first, being open and honest with our advice and fees, provide clear information on your choice and ongoing financial progress and be available when you need us the most.

Years experience
Years experience


A network of financial advisors.
A network of financial advisors.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality financial advice that follows our four-step process of understanding, planning and implementing and regularly reviewing our customers’ financial progress against their goals. While being clear in our process, we also commit to being transparent with our charges and provide comprehensive information on our customers’ finances that are managed by us.


Our vision is to have used our expertise and skills to have realised our customers’ financial aspirations in the future – providing our customers with, subject to factors out of our control, the financial freedom that they planned for. We are committed to being honest when it comes to money, the risks, opportunities and the related charges.


Financial freedom is achieved by building, protecting and managing your money.

Our four-step process begins by understanding your financial circumstances and aspirations, proposing a plan to realise them, implementing the plan and reviewing progress over time.

    By gathering information from you, we will find out about any plans you already have in place and be able to use these as the foundations for any recommendations. Then by exploring your attitude to risk and return, and your hopes and aspirations, we will build a picture of what you want to achieve. At this stage, you will find out what to expect from us and how you will benefit from using us.
    We’ll explore and research various scenarios to make the best use of your existing plans. We’ll then recommend how you can build on your existing plans, so you give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals.
    Like most of our clients, you will probably prefer us to do the necessary work to put your plan into action. This will save you a lot of time and effort and ensure your plans are set up correctly.
    Nothing stands still, so it makes sense to review your plans regularly; we suggest that this is done annually. This way you will find out if your plans are affected by changes to legislation or taxation. You will also hear from us if we have something that we feel will interest you.


You will receive clear details on what the total charge is, the advice or service it relates to, how we’ve calculated it and when you need to pay. You are not obliged to implement any of our recommendations. However, we may still charge a fee for our advice.


Chris has been completely professional, very thorough , and most importantly, very clear in explaining what are quite complex scenarios in layman’s terms. Chris has made the process a very simple one and we look forward to concluding and continuing to monitor our financial situation with his help going forward.

Nick & Emma Rimes

Rimes Properties Limited, Owners

We found working with Coach House Wealth Solutions very straightforward. Chris delivered exactly what we expected and ensured there was nothing that we did not understand along the way. The service was exceptional and we were given an in depth insight into our situation and options. I would not hesitate to recommend Coach House Wealth Solutions in the future.

John Rodgman

Borehole Solutions Limited, Owner

I approached Chris to help me with some business protection issues. He had detailed knowledge of the subject was clearly evident from our first meeting and he dealt with my subsequent applications from start to finish in a thorough, efficient and effective way. Chris combines professionalism with an approachable style, which is straightforward and easy to understand. Thoroughly recommended.

Ben Rendell

Berrington Pure Spring Water, Owner

Coach House Wealth Solutions have continually offered good, sound, prompt advice with a friendly approach. Always find the answer through their expansive range of knowledge and experience. A professional and efficient service which I would highly recommend.

John Billing


The professional advice and seamless support that we receive from Chris and the Coach House Wealth team is first class and nothing is too much trouble when dealing with new employees and also business planning. As a true partner and an extension to our team it’s a pleasure to work with everybody associated with Coach House Wealth Solutions.

Carl Trimble

Bespoke Facilities Management, Owner